Monday, 22 August 2011

boringg bukann ? ? ..

boringg , haha . snap picture ntahh pape-2 ! haha . pegy mampus lha !

haha . this picture very nice bukan ? haha . posingg habis-2 bai .

jiha - feyka - yana . 
hello-2 dengar ny . kau comell lha time ny . jelouse pulak aku . haha joke * jehh !
tpy comell tuh ade lha . .

Saturday, 2 July 2011

that's so fetch

Yesterday was Hug Holiday Day! I missed participating in such a good holiday. Bummer… So, I am going to make today Hug Holiday Day! Do it with me? We are supposed to go out and give hugs to everyone that needs one, especially those at senior citizen homes and hospitals. I’m gonna cruise by later to complete my good deed of the day. I try to do a random act of kindness everyday, even if it is just letting a car get in front of me on the highway. Do you?

If I don’t get to physically do a good deed everyday, I send my friends, that I know aren’t having the best day or don’t feel well, a heart from HeartYou. They have the best hearts and I know that the hearts bring smiles to my friend’s faces because they are so fetch! But more importantly, my friends know that I am thinking about them. Send a heart to your friends today and let me know if they love it!

Friday, 1 July 2011

daydreaming believer =

I was researching bizarre June holidays and guess what today is? National Sunglasses Day! I will have to say, I was expecting to see something more ridiculous, however, I AM PSYCHED. It is a Monday morning after an eventful weekend and I’m allowed to wear sunglasses all day and not be judged. Winning! Could life get any better than this? Well, maybe… if George Clooney were here or if I were mistaken for a celebrity… Hey, a girl can dream!
I have found myself daydreaming a lot lately and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t sleep enough? Yeahhhh… I think I’m going to have to blame the birds that chirp right outside my closed window at the crack of dawn!!! Although birds can’t tell time so they don’t know how early it really is… or can they? Maybe I can’t blame them? Ok, back to daydreaming. That tangent was similar to a daydream. Anyway, before I get off topic again, I have to finish my first thought. Does daydreaming have anything to do with not getting enough sleep? Do you know the answer? If so, let me know and you can save me from doing the research myself. I would like that :)